Aidan O’Rourke – 365, Vol. 2 (2019) MP3 320 KBPS

Author : Szachtar
Published : 08.08.2019


Artist: Aidan O’Rourke
Title: 365, Vol. 2
Year Of Release: 2019
Genre: Folk, Instrumental, Celtic
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 01:08:03
Size: 162 mb

01. For About a Month (feat. Kit Downes)
02. Now, You Know About Clootie Wells, Do You? (feat. Kit Downes)
03. The Film Was Preceded by a Warning That It Contained Some Moderate Violence (feat. Kit Downes)
04. That Braggart Has It Coming to Him (feat. Kit Downes)
05. We Drove Down the Road, Saddened by My Father’s Decline (feat. Kit Downes)
06. I Met Him Only Once (feat. Kit Downes)
07. ‘That Place,’ Mick Said. ‘Christ, What a Hole.’ (feat. Kit Downes)
08. Bill Was Already at His Window (feat. Kit Downes)
09. They’d Start Their Calling Around Midnight (feat. Kit Downes)
10. The Opening Shot Is of a Flat, Cold, Grey Expanse of Water with the Dawn Coming Up (feat. Kit Downes)
11. It Was an Afternoon of Possible Magic (feat. Kit Downes)
12. Some Stories Are so Good That They Deserve Repeating in Every Generation (feat. Kit Downes)
13. I Had Been Walking a Long Time (feat. Kit Downes)
14. It Was the Day of the Great Unveiling (feat. Kit Downes)
15. Jack Is Leaning Out of His Window One Night, Admiring the Full Moon (feat. Kit Downes)
16. ‘Right, William, Trolley Duty,’ Kev Said (feat. Kit Downes)
17. The Girl Climbed the Stairs to Bed (feat. Kit Downes)
18. Douglas and Aileen Stood in Front of the Blue Plaque (feat. Kit Downes)
19. I Was Riding on a Greyhound Bus, Seeking Some Place to Hide (feat. Kit Downes)
20. She Picked Up the Letter Again (feat. Kit Downes)
21. There’s a Rumour Going Round, We Don’t Know What It Is, but We All Get in Line (feat. Kit Downes)
22. Off the Motorway and Onto the Short Cut, Over the Hill (feat. Kit Downes)
23. My Father and I Are Reading the Papers (feat. Kit Downes)
24. One Day She Decided to Open Her Own Library (feat. Kit Downes)
25. On This Day, the First Recorded Total Eclipse of Scotland Took Place (feat. Kit Downes)

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