VA – Rockabilly: Red Hot & Rare Volume 2 (10CD) (2019) 320 KBPS

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Published : 29.08.2019


Artist: VA
Album: Rockabilly: Red Hot & Rare Volume 2
Year: 2019
Genre: Rockabilly, Rock & Roll
Bitrate: mp3 320 kbps
Time: 9:00:53
Size: 1,2 Gb

1.Hip Shakin’ Mama – Jack Cochran
2.Tornado – The Jiants
3.Won’t You Come Along With Me – The Braves
4.Telephone Baby – Werly Fairburn
5.Cool Cat – Joe Montgomery
6.Jungle Rock – Hank Mizell
7.Don’t Mean Maybe, Baby – Alvis Wayne
8.Boo Hoo – Marvin Rainwater
9.Baby Take Me Back – Roc Larue
10.M Big Feet – Charlie Bop
11.Sittin’ On Top – Curtis Gordon
12.Wild Wild Women – Johnny Carroll
13.Nobody’s Guy – The Recalls
14.Ice Cold Water – Glen Barber
15.Flat Feet – Sammy Masters
16.Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night – Dwain Bell
17.Made In The Shade – Gene Dunlap
18.It’s My Life – Vern Pullens
19.Johnny Valentine – Andy Anderson
20.Oakie Boogie – Hank Swatley
21.Let’s Get It On – Hershel Almond
22.Do It Bop – Billy Prager
23.Crawdad Hole – Jack Earls
24.You’re Mama’s Here – Coleen Frazier
25.You Oughta See Grandma Rock – Skeets McDonald

1.Sleep, Rock-A-Roll, Rock-A-Baby – Alvis Wayne
2.Let’s Go Boppin’ Tonight – Al Ferrier
3.My Pink Cadillac – Hal Willis
4.Air Force Blues – Jim Curly’ Morrison
5.Grandaddy’s Rockin’ – Mac Curtis
6.I’m A Fool About Your Love – Werly Fairburn
7.Trapped Love – Keith Courvale
8.Shadow My Baby – Glenn Barber
9.For You – The Rock N’ Rollers
10.Have You Seen Mabel – Rocky Bill Ford
11.Rockin’ N’ My Sweet Baby’s Arms – Pete Peters
12.Jello Sal – Benny Ingram
13.Got The Bull By The Horns – Hugh Barrett
14.Rock On The Moon – Jimmy Stewart
15.Hey Baby – Bill Lawrence
16.Look Out Mabel – G.L. Crockett
17.Go Cat, Go – Bill Flagg
18.Scratching On My Screen – Ric Cartey
19.It’s No Wonder – Huelyn Duvall
20.Juke Box Johnnie – Lattie Moore
21.Rockin’ Daddy – Eddie Bond
22.Fool I Am – Pat Ferguson
23.Slippin’ Out And Sneakin’ In – Joe Clay
24.Bo Crazy Baby – Vern Pullens

1.Boppin’ High School Baby – Don Willis
2.Duck Tail – Rudy Grayzell
3.Pink Cadillac – Sammy Masters
4.Lay Your Head On My Shoulder – Alvis Wayne
5.Right String, But Wrong Yo Yo – Larry Brinkley
6.Riverside Jump – Jackie Lee Cochran
7.Hey Baby, Let’s Go Downtown – Joe Therrien
8.Big Sandy – Bobby Roberts
9.Somebody’s Been Rocking My Boat – Norman Witcher
10.Rattlesnake Daddy – Joe D Johnson
11.Red Headed Woman – Wayne Worley
12.Honey Bun – Larry Donn
13.Lonesome Feeling – David Ray
14.Yes I Do – Royce Porter
15.Tall Dark & Handsome Man – Bobby Sisco
16.It Makes No Difference – Billy J Killen
17.Hobo Bop – Tommy Nelson
18.Bad Bad Boy – Bobby Lollar
19.Knocked Out Joint On Mars – Buck Trail
20.Sweetest Thing – J Mikel
21.Rockin’ Down The Mississippi – Jimmy Boyd
22.Lover Lover – Daryl Britt
23.The Cat – Rod Willis
24.That Big Old Moon – Buddy Burke
25.Somethin’ Special – Don Duncan

1.Sunset Blues – Tony & Jackie Lamie
2.Bumble Rumble – Sid Silver
3.Switch Blade Sam – Jeff Daniels
4.Ever’body’s Tryin’ – Jerry Ross
5.Doing All Right – Eddie Cash
6.Blue Swingin’ Mama – Larry Dowd
7.Alaska Rock – The Rebelaires
8.Young And Wild – Al Hendrix
9.Fade Away – Frank Hudson
10.Lover Boy – Ronnie Dove
11.Flyin’ Saucer Boogie – Eddie Cletro
12.Dig Me Little Mama – Tommy Scott
13.Big Wheel – Sonny Patterson
14.Ice Cold Baby – Marlon Madman’ Mitchell
15.I Dreamed I Was Elvis – Sonny Cole
16.That’s What I Call A Ball – Larry Donn
17.Mister Big – Sandy Scott
18.Rockin’ Roll Angel – Jay Chevalier
19.Rockin’ Baby – Ray McCoy
20.Jeannie With Dark Blue Eyes – Doug Powell
21.Little Boy Bop – Ralph Prescott
22.The Shake – George Fleming
23.That Long Black Train – Franklin Stewart
24.Rockin’ Too Much – Gary Van
25.Gonna Love My Baby – Lloyd McCollough

1.Mr Ducktail – Uncle Buck Lite
2.Ice Cream Baby – Frank Triolo
3.Tom Dooley Rock & Roll – Curtis Hobock
4.Rockin’ In The Graveyard – Jackie Morningstar
5.Bop-A-Lena – Ronnie Self
6.So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye – Weldon Rogers
7.Mean Mean Woman – Ray Lynn
8.Sinful Woman – Bill Browning
9.Hot Lips Baby – Herbie Duncan
10.Speed Limit – Tommy Lam
11.Pretty Bad Blues – Ronnie Self
12.My Shadow – The Rhythm Rockets
13.Robinson Crusoe Bop – Sonny Cole
14.You’re Barking Up The Wrong Tree – Don Woody
15.Pink Elephants – Wally Willette
16.Go Slow Fatso – Bobby Rutledge
17.Honey Won’t You Listen – Roy Wayne
18.Slip, Slip, Sliddin’ In – Eddie Bond
19.A Woman Can Make You Blue – Royce Porter
20.When My Baby Passes By – Glenn Bland
21.Whop-T-Bop – Sammy Masters
22.That Girl Of Mine – Pat Cupp
23.I’m A Hobo – Danny Reeves
24.Go Way Hound Dog – Cliff Johnson
25.Steady With Betty – Benny Joy

1.The Blues Keep Knocking – Buck Trail
2.Servant Of Love – The Van Brothers
3.Rock On Baby – Bill Sherrell
4.Rockin’ Little Eskimo – Bobby Swanson
5.Hip Hip Baby – Dennis Herrold
6.One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers
7.Hot And Cold – Marvin Rainwater
8.(She Wantsa) Lover Man – Jerry Demar
9.Hot Dog – Corky Jones
10.Half Hearted Love – Mac Curtis
11.I Guess It’s Meant That Way – Pat Cupp
12.Rock-A-Bye Boogie – The Davis Sisters
13.Almost – Billy Barrix
14.You’re So Right For Me – Ronnie Self
15.Cat Talk – Lew Williams
16.Born To Love One Woman – Ric Cartey
17.My Baby Done Gone Away – Al Ferrier
18.Saturday Jump – Rudy Hansen
19.Latch On – Ron Hargrave
20.I’m Gonna Roll And Rock – Eddie Zack
21.Geronimo Stomp – Barry Darvell
22.Tennessee Border – Jimmy Work
23.Look Out Baby – Don Feger
24.All I Can Do Is Cry – Wayne Walker
25.Elvis Stole My Gal – Huey Long

1.It’s Saturday Night – Bill Mack
2.Rock The Universe – Dell Vaughn
3.Three Months To Kill – Huelyn Duvall
4.Granny Went Rockin’ – Rodney Scott
5.Be-Boppin’ Daddy – Mack Banks
6.2-Rocka-4 – Sammy Masters
7.Baby Baby – Mike Waggoner
8.Imogene – Don Ray
9.Catapillar – Ray Campi
10.Hocus Pocus – The Raiders
11.Homicide – Myron Lee
12.Rockin’ Baby – Gene Henslee
13.Come Along Little Girl – Aubrey Cagle
14.Don’t Be Gone Long – Bob Doss
15.Cool Baby – Lee Cole
16.Crazy Mama – Benny Cliff
17.Trapped – Billy Fortune
18.You Gotta Have A Duck Tail – Billy Adams
19.Flip- Flop And Fly – Johnny Bell
20.Caravan Rock – The Polk Brothers
21.Mad Lovin’ – Roray Reid
22.You’re Gonna Treat Me Right – Jimmy Stayton
23.Action Packed – Ronnie Dee
24.My Guitar And Me – Mike Cashman
25.Juke Box Pearl – Pete Nantz

1.Everybody’s Rockin’ – Billy Prager
2.(Gotta Go) Go Go Heart – Ray Doggett
3.Just For You – Curt Jensen
4.Nothing Like This – Cecil McNabb
5.The Joint’s Really Jumpin’ – Jimmy Evans
6.Love My Baby – Hayden Thompson
7.Play It Cool – Ray Campi
8.Mean Mistreater – Johnny Powers
9.Little Red Book – Benny Joy
10.You’re Gone – Rudy Tutti’ Grayzell
11.Ain’t That A Dilly – Marlon Grisham
12.Grasshopper Rock – Link Davis
13.Baby Be Good – Bill Morrison
14.Rock It – Thumper Jones
15.I’m Lonesome For A Letter – Sanford Clark
16.Don’t Push – Bill Browning
17.We Gonna Bop Stop Rock – Ray Vict
18.Bop, Baby Bop – Brad Suggs
19.Circle Rock – Lloyd Copas
20.Loco Choo Choo – The Miller Brothers
21.Rock N’ Roll Ruby – Johnny Carroll
22.Hop, Skip And Jump – The Collins Kids
23.Sneaky Pete – Sonny Fisher
24.Whose Baby Are You, Baby – Little Billy Earl
25.Cast Iron Arm – Peanuts Wilson

1.One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette – Glen Glenn
2.Okie’s In The Pokie – Jimmy Patton
3.Sag, Drag And Fall – Sid King
4.Roses Are Blooming – The Silva- Tones
5.Cry Woman Cry – Larry Wheeler
6.Red Hot – Bob Luman
7.Make With The Lovin’ – Dennis Herrold
8.You Moistest Girl – Booby Lee Trammell
9.Sugaree – Rusty York
10.That Crazy Little House On The Hill – Gene Lamarr
11.Star Light, Star Bright – Jackie Johnson
12.Wild, Wild Woman – Steve Wright
13.That Ain’t Nothing But Right – Joey Castle
14.Kness Shakin’ – Don Terry
15.Jealous Hearted Me – Jimmy Copeland
16.Rock Me, Baby – The Prowlers
17.Liza Jane Bop – Don Hagar
18.You’re Gone, I’m Left – Tyrone Schmidling
19.Cry, Baby, Cry – Narvel Felts
20.Whoo! I Mean Whee! – Hardrock Gunter
21.Graveyard – Leroy Bowman
22.Cat Music – Tommy Scott
23.I Love You Baby – The Phaetons
24.Little Rome – Max Alexander
25.She’s Mine – Johnnie Strickland

1.Bop – Bill Woods
2.Long, Long Ponytail – Chuck Tharpe
3.Yes, No, Or Maybe – Bill Sherrell
4.Not I – Don Woody
5.Stutterin’ Papa – Buck Griffin
6.Cheat On Me Baby – The Rockin’ Saints
7.High School Caesar – Reggie Perkins
8.Won’t Tell You Her Name – Al Urban
9.No Love In You – Harmon Boazeman
10.Rock And Roll Itch – Jim Morrison
11.Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight – Carl Mann
12.High Classed Baby – Jerry Arnold
13.Don’t Be Unfair – Bob Taylor
14.Puppy Dog Love – Ronnie Branam
15.Cloud 13 – Pat Kelly
16.You’re Some Kind Of Nice – The Rock-A-Tunes
17.Hot Rod Baby – Rocky Davis
18.Mabel’s Gone – Johnny Jano
19.Those Rock N’ Roll Blues – Don Ray
20.Make Me Dance Little Ant – Joe Hughes
21.I Love My Baby – Tommy Graham
22.Little Starry Eyes – Johnny Garner
23.Lobo Jone – Jackie Gotroe
24.Rock It – Tom Blair
25.I’m Hungry For Your Lovin’ – Danny Dill

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